Air Dance – A dance performed for a customer without touching them or putting your body weight on theirs

Baby Stripper – A dancer who has been working in the club for less than two years

Bench/Couch Dance – A dance performed for a customer that takes place on an individual or shared bench, often in a private or semi-private area

Champagne Room – A private or semi-private room sold by time increments where you can upsell your customer to spending more time and money with you directly, often includes bottle service. Some clubs also refer to this as a VIP room

Club Staff – Anyone who is working at your club that is not a dancer. Includes the valet, DJ, house mom, floor hosts, bouncers, management, and bathroom attendants

Custie – A term used to describe a customer

Dancer – A term used to describe a stripper/entertainer/exotic dancer

Day Shift – The time slot for dancing during daylight hours. Most clubs consider ‘Day Shift’ to last until 5-8pm

Extras – A term used to describe activities or services offered that extend beyond the club rules or laws for that area, often implying intimate sales or FSSW

Floor work – A style of dancing that is done in a kneeling, lying down, or in a seated position in the floor

FSSW – An abbreviation for the term Full Service Sex Work

Garter – An elastic worn around the thigh, ankle, or wrist to collect earnings

House Fee – The cost of working each shift. Each club determines this set fee and it often gets higher for later shifts, peak season, or busier days

House Mom – Not all clubs have one, but this is a person who stays in the dressing room to help manage the dancers, gives orientation to new hires, and often brings snacks or supplies

Money Bag – A clutch or bag carried to collect earnings

Night Shift – The time slot for dancing during nighttime hours. Most clubs consider this to begin between 5-8pm

Pleasers – The most popular brand of stripper platform shoes

Sex Work – An umbrella term used to describe consensual erotic labor across both legal and criminalized sectors of the adult industry. This includes dancers, porn performers, escorts, fetish providers, FBSM, cam models, and phone sex operators

Stage Diving – A term used to describe a dance move where the dancer extends themself or a body part beyond the edge of the stage, often involves participation with a customer

T Back – A commonly used term to describe a stripper thong

Table Dance – A dance performed for a customer on the main floor, often directly at where they are sitting

Tip Out – The required and/or suggested amount of money you have to give from your earnings. This often includes a percentage of your sales, a flat rate for the DJ, a flat rate for the house mom, and a flat rate for the valet service

Upsell – A sales tactic where you are able to persuade a customer into buying more than they originally planned on. This can be an extra dance, and extra bottle, or and an extra hour in a champagne or VIP room